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The city of Salem, Oregon is ideal for everyone, whether you are looking for a permanent move, or you are just in search of a much needed vacation. The city is located only an hour away from the Cascade Mountains (which are to the east of Salem), while to the west of the city are the sandy ocean beaches. Salem, Oregon is the ideal place for any vacationer. Here, you can ski and snowboard one day, then surf and swim the next!

For those of you who are looking for a more permanent stay, a Salem zip code is what you need! Salem is an active community with plenty of neighborhood watch programs, as well as 19 different neighborhood associations that meet on a regular basis. Salem is the perfect city to settle down and raise a family. With parks and recreational areas, children get to play as much as they want in a large and safe area. Salem also offers many sports and athletics such as soccer, tennis, track and field, and many others. Along with sports teams and playing games, your child can also learn the essentials of swimming while having a blast doing it. Salem has two pools -- one open for the summer months, and another that is an indoor pool open all year-round. So regardless of the time of year, your child can get in the water, learn, and have fun!

Now don't go thinking that Salem is just for the young and up and coming -- it is also great for the 'young at heart'!. Salem has a beautiful senior center called '50+'. 50+ is a growing organization that involves the over fifty population. At 50+, you can meet new people, as well as enjoy a variety of activities and classes. The staff is very friendly, and is always ensuring that you are comfortable and enjoying your stay.

Salem, Oregon is the perfect place whether your looking to relocate and start off new, or you are just looking for a vacation spot where you can get all the relaxing and sun you need, with a mix of the adventure and excitement you crave. Stop by and find out why Salem is the perfect place to live, work, and visit!

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